"I was very nervous about getting my eyebrows done originally, but Ruth made me feel very relaxed and walked me through the procedure step by step. 
She is an absolute perfectionist and created the perfect shape for my face (much better than I was ever able to do in 10 years of doing it!) I would recommend her to anyone thinking of getting permanent make-up done as the results were amazing and has given me such aboost in confidence."

Lilly Devon

"I had my eyebrows enhanced by Ruth almost a year ago. They are still as dark and as enhanced in shape as they were in the beginning. The colour is still as true as ever. In the past I have had enhancements by other technicians and within about 6 months the colour had faded from dark brown to a pinky red and it would become obvious that it was semi permanent make up but this time they lookcompletely natural and I am so pleased. I have not needed to use a pencil to touch in any faded bits as I have in the past. I would definitely recommend Ruth and her method."

Lorraine Jay, Chigwell

"Be prepared to be hooked! I am very pleased with my treatment, this will definitely be part of my ongoing beauty budget. You just look better when you wake up in the morning, which is great. It can be a scary prospect, especially having treatment so close to the eye, but Ruth is very experienced, capable and confident, so she put meat ease right away and I knew I was in safe hands. With her professional and friendly manner she made sure I was informed of everything she was about do and what I could expect— both before, during and after the treatment. 

I am really pleased overall. It is amazingly convenient, very natural, subtle and improved. I was especially pleased that my top lip now has a more even shape and overall lips & eyes have greater definition. I have not worn lipstick since; only gloss. No one has noticed what I’ve done, yet I have had several comments about looking good these days. 

So if you are thinking about it, go on, treat yourself, it will make you look and feel much better. It's worth it!"


Thank you Ruth for my new look and new Me! Had brush stroke eyebrows, lash line and full colour on lips. what a difference it has made to me. I am 53 and it's given me and my face a boost. Everything fully explained by Ruth, full after care. so happy with results. so pleased I recommended a friend who in turn is delighted with new eyebrows. 😊

"Ruth,, did an excellent job of my permanent eyebrows. She uses a superb product - with a much better end result that I had previously elsewhere. The equipment was completely sterile and hygienic and it was done in the comfort of my own home. Ruth made me feel at ease - with a steady hand and gentle approach - and her precision was second to none ... and all with minimal discomfort! Overall I was thrilled with the whole process and will definitely continue with this procedure for many years to come."

Freda - Chigwell, Essex

patient and re-assuring in talking me thro the procedure. Under her caring and capable hands I had my eye-brows and liners done. I am very happy with the results. I now spent less time putting on my make-up and have perfect make-up all the time. Thanks Ruth."


"It was the best decision I ever made when I booked with Ruth to have my eyebrows, eye liner and lips enhanced. Instead of looking old and tired, I now feel I look so much more attractive and alive. My husband says he loved the way I looked before, but agrees that I now look terrific! This has given me so much confidence in my ability to feel less shy in company as I know I look good, and amturning quite a few heads. I can recommend Parfait Visage to other women with absolute confidence that they will look and feel 100% better about themselves. Ruth's careful and gentle treatment of me as her client shows her natural ability and flair for doing permanent makeup."

Julie Betts, age 65