Eyebrow Enhancements

Eyebrows are an important feature of the face and play an integral part in your facial expression and symmetry.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows can be achieved framing the eyes giving a youthful appearance and opening up the eye area.

Eyebrow enhancements are popular with people who are continually using an eyebrow pencil to perfect their shape as a result of over plucking, sparse or missing eyebrows and good for people who have very pale or naturally light eyebrows.

Eyebrow enhancements are also a popular anti-ageing treatment as enhancements are used to improve the appearance of dropped eyebrows. There are many different ways of achieving natural looking eyebrows and the various options available will be discussed in your consultation.

Eye Enhancements

Achieve beautiful eyes permanently, there are several advantages to having this procedure;

Enhance your appearance,

it will not rub off or smudge or smear,

it is ideal for sensitive eyes and people with allergies to makeup or hay-fever,

people who wear glasses who struggle to apply normal makeup. 

The Smokin Liner Technique trained by Will Antony using the Will Antony King Coil Device® range which gives constant high quality and professional results. This is a perfect treatment if you love wearing eyeliner. 

​Lip Enhancements

Being able to achieve the perfect shaped lips with a lip pencil and lipstick can be a tiresome and time consuming process every day. With permanent lip enhancement you will obtain your perfect your lip shape, lip line and colour.

lip gloss and lip stick connoisseurs will still be able to wear their favourite lip cosmetics.

Permanent lip enhancements can also be used as an anti-ageing enhancement on clients that have lost their lip fullness and natural colour.


Book 2 or more different treatments (Brows, Eyes and Lips) and receive a 20% discount